Higher Consciousness Inc.

A site for higher evolution. Developmentally the practices, procedures, and information to move consciously from enlightenment (seventh chakra opening) to mastery of domains.

The site is based on realizations gained through Samadhi the conscious link to Source (ALL THAT IS).

Teachings are realized in natures of divinity, expressions of TRUTH and mastery of natures they provide.

By joining the forums (blog memberships), downloading products or becoming initiated into teaching you are well on your way to present days highest teachings on yoga, alchemistry, siddhis (psychic powers), immortality and even the refinement of divine changes deemed speculation at this point to many.

Some things including clairvoyance, teleportation, levitation, development of agelessness, immortality or even wealth and developing the Golden Hue will all be expressed in ways to develop these potentials.

Buckle up…the wait is over! HigherConsciousnessInc remastered, ready for the coming age of enlightenment!

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