List Minor Siddhis

1. Clairsentience – ability to sense energy
2. Clairaudiance – ability to hear energy (like sound of chakras)
3. Clairvoyance – ability to see energy (ghosts)
4. Perfect knowledge for solar system
5. Telekinesis/psychokinesis
6. Telepathy
7. Remote wieving – ability to see things
8. Connection to akashic records – knowledge for past, present and future
9. Memories from past lives
10. Manifest skills what have learned in all previous lives
11. Communication with spirits
12. Ability to control elements (earth, water, fire and wind)
13. Ability to manipulate metal
14. Ability to bend light
15. Ability to control nature
16. Ability to Access any dimension
17. Ego die – never feel pain, hunger, lust etc.
18. Astral travels and bi-location
19. Teleportation – can change light and back
20. Teletemportation – travel beyond the limits of time and space
21. Levitation
22. Connection to the universe and everything around us
23. Connection to the molten core of earth
24. Ability to manifest physical forms of matter
25. To die at ones own will, death having no control over one
26. To see the sports of God in heaven
27. Invisibility
28. Can manipulate heavy objects
29. To see invisible things in other realms
30. To have control over the senses
31. Ability to walk throught physical objects like it is water
32. To obtain joy by willing it so – live in the highest state of bliss
33. Manifest other/multiple forms
34. Live without food
35. Golden Body/Other Colour
36. Spontaneous healing of self/Ability to regenerate
37. Raising the dead
38. Overcome limitation of disease
39. Stop heart valves
40. Bury self alive
41. Sanity without contact
42. Mental, Physical, spiritual protection from insult
43. Understand Hidden Scripture
44. Understand languages
45. Ability to kill
46. Reading Minds
47. Ability to understand animals
48. Ability to harness prana
49. Ability to understand herbology, minerology, bacterology
50. Ability to find hidden treasure
51. Ability to jump like a frog
52. Dissolve karma through multiple births in one lifetime
53. Ability to create life
54. Cure blindness, hearing, touch, taste, smell
55. Spontaneous healing others
56. Resist venom, poison, fear, death wish
57. Protect identity
58. Hypnosis

5 thoughts on “List Minor Siddhis

  1. Taran

    Meditate. And keep your balance in “daily life”. I’ve read that some spiritual teachers have advise students to “run away from siddhis”. Siddhis are much of power, and if a person doesn’t have balance in the workings of the mind and if a person doesn’t purifiy his/her emotions and motives, than siddhis can actually present a danger – or through intentional misuse, or unintentional. So – search first for the peace of mind, tranquility, meditate, have compassion. And siddhis come anyway. Good luck!


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