Spirituality of "Hunger Games" Movie

Spiritually what is the conscious symbolism of Hunger Games?

A movie rich in symbolism is also deep in spiritual significance.

The twelve districts signify the twelve paths or Twelve Primary Monads that bring individuals (tribe leaders in the Book of Revelation from the Holy Bible: See The Book of Revelations Code by Dr. Greszczyszyn) to Mergence into Source (Moksha or Liberation).

This is the goal of the Hunger Games (Liberation or Moksha). The games usually crown a god or goddess (in this movie two from the same tribe were crowned as god/goddess-became liberated) who become freed like the Mentor who was guiding Katniss and the male “tribute” from District 12.

Moving along. The mentor suggest to Katniss to go for the water as survival is more important than killing (two things…..water on earth is important….one may live without food but not water….as there is no siddhis for avoiding water…generally. Secondly do no harm….which Katniss and her partner from same district did throughout movie).

Do no harm…..Not once did Katniss “do harm”. This is Ahimsa. Although cutting the branch to send the genetic modified hornet to the death of some tribute, Katniss did not “kill any of them” allowing the hornet to do it themselves.

Even at the end of the movie the male tribute from district one was not killed by her/Katniss and was killed by the Beasts.

Mentor also advised on the train before the games began that district 1 were amazing at hunting/killing other but had arrogance (“ego”….or thinking you are the doer).

Alies or teams formed, and Sponsors given for “love” “Compassion” “respect” etc. (The Virtues of Man) that the Tributes demonstrated.

Bhakti or Love conquered which is a staple of the current Ages method of Self realization and even mergence.

The “Dictator” is symbolic of Father God. The guy with the beard is symbolic of Father Gods right hand. And the people altering the “play” are angels.

The “holographic” universe is much like the universe/system we are in (spiritually and scientifically as physics is learning) which can become altered through Samadhi and manifesting

The tributes need to learn to battle harships, and master psyche, elements, hunger, etc. This is the development of spiritual/conscious/evolutionary progress in the way of developing Siddhis or Spiritual and Conscious Powers.

And finally when Rue was killed Katniss helped send a revolt (symbolic of the “liberation” movements that occur throughout history spured on by the realized ones (Katniss) through the “peasants” which affect “decisions” of the “Higher” beings including the right hand of God.

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