13th Chakra Healing

This is the next in sequence above chakra 13 blog post. Another fast track to clearing and being able to activate this chakra.

Chakra 13 and 14th chakras are chakras designed for Manifesting. 14th chakra is a dark purpulish magenta colour with some tinge of black.

It sits a half inch or slightly less infront of the third eye (brow of the skull/face).

Before full clearing and activating 13th chakra, it first has to be opened (See previous blog post) then the individual has to open the 14th chakra. To activate the 13th chakra one has to clear three statements or meditations from this chakra.

In non-random order, they depend on the manifesting ability of your self. At this point you have developed or are developing as a healer, a creator, and a teacher. Although you may not understand how you use each of these roles fully, a Typical example of a True god emmitting these potentials is Jesus Christ.

Jesus was healer, teacher, and then became creator (of a religion, a name/identity-reflected in many “Jesus” sons, and even statues, crosses, churches, etc.).

Although this is a atypical or powerful being realized at 14th chakra potentials, these similar potentials are also your developmental power.

The idea for cleaning and activating this chakra (13th chakra) is to meditate upon and clear the following statements.

1. I am not limited by Experiences/Wisdom (Teaching)
2. I am not limited by Self (Healing)
3. I am not limited by Ability (Creator)

Any ideas that feel as if they are slow or not able to be cleared (when looking at the chakra position through inner vision) you require a 14th Chakra clearing first. In this case you’d need to clear the “fears” from 14th chakra potential-which is preparation of merging into the Monad.

For those unfamiliar with this progression examine
http://www.wisdomsdoor.com/hb/hhb-20.shtml for the previous chakra outline of chakras 8-12.

The idea is to fully open and clear the odd number chakras (between chakra 9 and 12, and for Dr. Greszczyszyn work chakras 13 through 18) fear has to be released (based upon the idea of the chakra potential) of the chakra that sits above it (even numbered).

To clear 9, 10 fears have to be overcome, 11, 12 overcome, etc. up to 17 with 18 “fears” overcome. More on this in later posts.

For more ideas on these progression and explanation of how to go about using chakra potentials to fast track through these chakra pick up The Complete Chakra System (by Dr. Greszczyszyn)

It should be understood the Monad is the Divine Person that is meditating upon you, helping bring you toward mergence into Source.

This Monad is skilled in one of Twelve Disciplines as in the Holy Bible’s Book of Revelation (see The Book of Revelation Code, by Dr. Greszczyszyn) and is the disciple of the Father or Source Male God (Shiva/Brahma/Vishnu).

Fear in 14th chakra would be things like:
1. Fear of meeting Monad
2. Fear of not understanding Monad
3. Fear of being hurt by Monad
4. Fear of death from Monad
and 5. Fear of Surrender to Monad; among others

Once these fears have been cleared the ease of clearing the limitation from chakra 13 will be a synch. And that is how to activate the 13th chakra.

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