13th Chakra

Here is the fast track on the thirteenth chakra.

This charak is a greenish pink coloured chakra. When one is not conscious of it, it is found (misled in The Complete Chakra System to sit above the head), sitting an arms lenght out in front of the chest, slightly below the heart centre.

Once acknowledging the location sitting at the position described above, The fast track on this is to Contact the right thumb base on anterior (when palms are facing forward) or front side of the hand (opposite of rear of hand) near where the thumb meets the wrist. This is the GV/CV (Governing Vessel, and Conception Vessel) Acupuncture Pulse Diagnosis Point.

Emotionally these acupuncture meridians satisfy what can be classified most closely with the relate Seven “Deadly Sins”. This is mildly important for future healings, however with this 13th chakra Opening the needed emotion is Disdain. Disdain is like Hurt, Betrayal, Feeling Unwanted, and Feeling Not Loved all at once. Using a contact at this point (finger touching) and opposite hand spread accross forehead, the idea is to Think About Disdain of GOD making you reincarnate after accession (the idea is disdain for having to come back again).

Remember ascesion occurs in 12th chakra Opening/Activation. It is not until 18th chakra that you have the deathless body made of light, something tha can be transported to other systems, universes, realms once those skills have been harnessed.

What this means is between 1-7 there is a physical body. At self realization and opening of 7th chakra the spirit descends (In the Holy Bible this is the “Dove” that descended upon Jesus when he was baptized by John) and you are now immortal as immortal spirit.

This mean upon death if you are between 7-17th chakra workable, you will ascend, however you will exit through Mahasamadhi-the great “escape” or premature exit without “death” as your spirit (immortal) will transit to other dimensions.

In contrast the 18th and beyond workable chakra frame will NOT die, as death is not a reality as such because the remainder is now light. In this way achieving Soruba Samadhi (18th chakra) the remaining physicalness has become annihilated (as the chakras have begun to spin super fast) and the real essence of life (consciousness) emmited as pure light image of the body (now full spirit with no physicalness).

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