Is God For Real?

Are the chakras a mystics imaginative creation? Does God exist? What about evolution or Darwins thoughts that evoution created Man and Big Bang the Universe?

In the breatkhrough book “Essays on Creationism” by Dr. Andrew Greszczyszyn, many topics of spirituality are discussed with science and scientific inquiry in mind.

One such idea is the nature of chakras. Mystics postulate that there are seven key energy centers found along the spine of the human body.

These seven chakra most typically related to spinning vortex of light (chakra means wheels in sanskrit) are what anatomists’ and science define as nerve synapses.

There are seven key nerve synaptic junctions found along the spine. There is the anal or coccygeal synapse (this expressed as the root or first chakra in spirituality) found at the tailbone.

Then the sacral synapse, this for sex and sexual reproduction. Similar position in mystics functionality and positionality.

Third is lumbar. For digestion in both science and spirituality.

Fourth is the heart center found between the breasts. It acts to govern breathing, and pulse-scientifically and spiritually for “love or heart”.

The fifth is a synaptic junction found in the thyroid or throat. Similarily the mystic defines a fifth chakra at the throat. It functions as “expression” which scientifically is what vocal cords and thyroid (body temp, body size, body weight, eating habits) is all about.

The sixth chakra sits at mystics third eye, the point between the eyebrows and is sciences’ equivalent of optic synaptic junction. Both for higher vision.

Last and certainly not least, there is the seventh or crown chakra. This bunch of nerve synapses should not be underestimated, as it is the brain. In science this is the governor of man. In spirituality once opened you are “enlightened” or realized in the infinite nature of man!

This book (either in downloadable pdf) or by purchase in printed format by contacting Dr. Greszczyszyn at
is a great book to understand the scientific explanations of many ideas based in religion or spirituality.

Dr. Greszczyszyn with extensive background in spirituality and science, anatomy, physics and biology dissects even the most complex spiritual and religions ideas, and using fact and scientific inquiry provides ample evidence to suggest Darwins therory of Evolution holds water in Spirituality/Religion, just as a causatative creator holds water in science and Darwins theory of evolution.

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