Moksha, Liberation, Mergence

A topic that is a new idea, (although not truly new) is the idea of merging into Source.

Reincarnation does not finish until one has completely merged into Source. Self realization is not mergence into Source. Next post (or in the near future) there will be a post about Yoga Syntex or Terminology.

In the Book of Revelation the idea of Mergence is spoken about. The power of that Revelation is not an idea based upon Good (Angeles of Michael) VS. Evil (Satan and the Beast). In The Book of Revelation Code by Dr. Andrew Greszczyszyn D.C, PhD. it was revealed how the Book of Revelation is actually a revelation of the master becoming Self Realized (this towards liberation).

In this book Dr. Greszczyszyn revealed there are twelve primary paths to liberation. This twelve paths are guided by Monads (the 12 Tribe leaders).

Let us examine them now. The idea is how one become Merged into GOD/SOURCE/TAO/GODHEAD/CONSCIOUSNESS/ALL THAT IS

1. Being recognized as a God. Tribe leader is Shiva.
1. Soruba/Khecari Mudra. One releases the Ambrosia from the Pituitary gland becoming light body which does not die. Tribe Leader Nagaraj
3. Anti-Aging Rejuvenation. By process of fasting, diet, nutrition, and exercise/asanas one can extend life. Tribe leader Gorkanath
4. Kaya-Kalpa. Alchemical changes using herbs, homeopathy, minerals, and drugs or other chemical. Tribe Leader is Thirumoolar
5. Genetics. Genetic dysfunction such as Kallmans disease where release makes Pituitary gland secret substance much like Khecari. Tribe leader Avvai, the ageless beauty.
6. Transmigration. Leaving one body and going into another body at premature exit (Mahasamadhi) to continue existence in another. Tribe Leader Boganathar.
7. Migrating into Animals. Death does not occur and like the idea of Native Indians (and other cultures) they exit like Transmigration, going into an animal to extend life. Tribe Leader Murugan
8. Into Many Bodies. Consciousness splits and the host moves into other bodies to finish existence in others. Tribe Leader Krishna.
9. Identified as Formless. Never being born, thereby never dying. Nandi Devar.
10. Identity. Such as Buddha. Buddhas are searched for, identified and named. Idea is you are something, that something becomes born again. Tribe Leader Lord Budha.
11. Resurrection. Just as Jesus resurrected himself and Lazurus, they are merge and will never die. Tribe leader Jesus Christ.
12. Vanishing. Many stories of Yogis typify this mergence. Kabir, Swamigal, and others who have even entered Jeeva Samadhi only to be buried and then vanish. Tribe Leader is Agastyar

Come back tomorrow for the discussion on Yoga Terminology. Often confusing, hard to understand, and sometime limiting or adding to miscummunication, disilusinment, or even pain.

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