By now if you’ve followed this Blog and read books by Dr. Andrew Greszczyszyn you will have realized jnana or spiritual wisdom.

The following is the primary and most important realizations.

You’ve accepted that Source is neither Female nor Male (and is both and neither). Shiva is Father God made up of Deva and is Brahma and Vishnu. Shakti is Female Godddess made up of Devi and the Femine counterparts. Cosmos originated by Source which divided into dualities, Male and Female up/down due to physical matter. There is three realms, or bodies: Physical, astral and causal. Ten spatial dimensions exist. Devi created universes, and Deva created solar systems. Monad created life, and Son/Daughters of God are those that have witnessed the inner self. Your inner self, is both God and guru which is God, TAO, Brahman, Godhead, Consciousness, Innate, Source or even YHWH (however you describe it). You are made in the image of Source, and through enlightenment and realizations you can realize Omnipresence, Omniscience, Omnipotency, Omnitemporal (the Four Facets/Faces of GOD). In this way you will finish Soul mission and merge into Source, becoming a God or Goddess either in formed form, or formless consciousness. Regardless you will end the cycles of reincarnation not just physical realms (which occurs in Nirvikalpa Samadhi) but also astral (emotional realms/body) and causal (thought non-formed ideation). There are 12 Monads or tribe leaders that are guiding humanity and they meditate those who are enlightened. Monads are meditated upon by Fathers, and Fathers by Source. One does not go to heaven until realization of the inner Soul occurs (7th chakra opening) with its enlightenment (this occuring to humanity on/after December 21, 2012). This enlightenment is the fabrication of a immortal spirit although there is still a physical self. The physical self annihillates in Soruba Samadhi and light body remains as deathless body made of light. Soruba therefore is prerequiste to mergence and Omnipresence. At the point of Soruba karma is vanquished and the Soul is ready to eventually merge (all a matter of time). With this information and realization you have acquired a spiritual siddhis (understanding of cosmogenesis and universe establishment) or perfection and once you develop Soruba Samadhi can be considered a siddha.

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