Yoga Terminology

The following eleven terms are terms that often are misunderstood, poorly understood or not used correctly.

The importance of their correct use should not be understated. Incorrect use means people will misunderstand you, not value your work or even disturb conscious progression in others.

1. Samadhi: Breathless and pulse less state. Also know as Second death, nirvana and one of either Savikalpa, Nirvikalpa, Soruba or Budhi

2. Christ: Christ is one that has developed Christ Consciousness and the development of taking karma on from others. Anyone can develop and become a Christ, Jesus is not the only Christ.

3. Enlightenment: Enlightenment means you have witnessed Soul and made the realization you are divine.

4. Self Realization: Not just Nirvikalpa Samadhi, self realization is any developmental progression or realization of the inner self (self that is God so is infinite and boundless).

5. God: God or Goddess (Female form) is the identity of any individual that has merged into Source. In this way he (God) she (Goddess) has become Omnipresent.

6. Bodhisttava: Not just for Budhist it is anyone that has become enlightened or in Western terms become Son-Daughter of God.

7. Yoga: Method of linking mind, body, spirit to Source. More than just postures or asanas, it can be bhakti (love), jnana (meditational realization, cosmogenesis, wisdom), mudra, bhandas (muscular lock), mantra, pranayama (breathing), meditation, or even manifesting.

8. Spirituality: Does not mean religion and does not mean mysticism. Spirituality is how science can be used to help explain metaphysics, manifesting or religion and nature of cosmogenesis, Source/God and self.

9. Atman: Atman is the Soul. The Soul is guru, GOD, self and/or idea. It is more than an invisible identity, as Atman can become visible in the way that God or Source can take form.

10. Abundance: Not just wealth or even matterial matter, is also spiritual (siddhis, longevity, health, fame, golden body, omnis’)

11. Moksha: Liberation, Mergence. Not self realization. It is the end of reincarnation. Occurs through a multitude of ways (See 144 Ways to Become a God/Goddess) and means the individual has merged into Source.

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